The girl with the tight black panties

I was just sitting there on the train reading my book, Every now and then I would steal a glance at her but realizing enough was enough I let the hope go, I left her sitting there on her phone typing away as I went back to my new book.
The book was complex and dragging me in, it has happened may times before and I have been known to miss train stops and walk right past my house while been draw into the world of letters so I couldn’t actually say for certain that this really happened.

“Ohhhhh”…then nothing,
I swear I just heard that hot chick moan, I looked up at her and she stole a quick glace around the train before returning to her phone, I sneaked a peak at her black panties under her very short dress.
BULLSHIT! I thought to myself “did she just cum?” I put my head back down and thought to myself about the situation, “no way did she just cum,” I looked around the carriage and no one else on the train seemed to notice, Fuck I swear she just moaned out load. I looked at her again and noticed her hand resting in her lap and one leg lifted with her feet on the seat. I got a glimpse of those new black panties.

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Purple panties

Well this has been a phenomenal time babysitting my cute neighbor. Let me tell you about what has happened recently. Well as you all know I’m babysitting my nieghbors’s daughter. My parents are very overjoyed at how nice I am to her and how much she likes me. So at the beginning of the week it was business as usual. She came over and threw off her clothes and I got to watch her parade around wearing nothing but her nice purple bra and matching pantiesl.Then I followed and took off my clothes as well. Everytime I took them off I could always see her looking at me and even staring sometimes. Nothing much had happened every since we got each other off but that was fine for now. I was still doing everything the same. I’d let her watch tv, sometimes we’d play a board game, and I’d make her food.(all of this while naked, don’t forget.)

It was around the middle of the week and when she came over, it was back into the routine. The close came off, leaving those purple bra and panties. Today I made her some food and sat down to watch tv with her. I couldn’t help staring at her body and she seemed like she enjoyed it. after the tv show ended she turned to me and asked me a question.

“Remember how you rubbed me?”

“Yes i do” I said with a bit of anxiousness.

“Well do you think you could help me learn to do it to my self?” She asked me.

“umm well sure” I replied.

Right after she laid down and spread her legs, pulled her purple panties to the side. It was an amazing sight. She was beautiful and hairless. I took her hand and moved it to her clit. I used her hands to start rubbing herself and pretty soon she got the hang of it. She started to very carefully rub and then started to rub more vigorously. Her breathing was getting heavier and it was making me incredibly hard. Without thinking I moved and started to lick her nipples. She seemed taken aback by this.

“I’m sorry did you want me to stop?” I asked her.

“No no I liked it” she said with an embarrassed look on her face.

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My Blue Body Suit at the Club

The music was loud, the thump of the bass prevented any real conversation. I grabbed his hand, and we walk together to the bathroom of the club. My shoes slightly stuck to the floor, and the stall was full of sketchy writing. I closed the handicap stall door.
I immediately blush and said that okay I m ready. Then I come close to him and planted a soft French kiss on his juicy red lips. He was so soft that I felt as if I touched a rose, yet he had thorns.

Then he hugged me from the back and started rubbing his hands all over her breasts. His breathing was heavily and so was mine . I then hug him very tight from the front and enjoying the touch of her soft boobs and started kissing her deep inside her mouth. Now she is also responding my movements and our tongue rolls on each others. I sucked his wet tongue and my hands are constantly rubbing his stiff cock.. Then he lift my tiny skirt and left it on my waist , this exposed my new blue crotch less body suite. My perky nipples, left slightly showing thru the sheer bra top.

He started rubbing one of my apple size breasts with his left hand and sucking the other. Then he lifted me, pressed my back on the stall, all the while sucking on my breast and biting my nipples. I was moving here and there with pleasure. He sucked for 10 minutes then I removed his jeans, exposing his stiff member. He parted my pussy lips and rubbing them gently , I was enjoying a lot and moaning with pleasure. My pussy was totally wet and he entered inside my pussy and moving it in and out which I loved a lot and moaning loudly.

Then I put his penis inside my mouth and started sucking his penis softly. I could see the look of satisfaction on his face. Please don’t cum yet, I screamed. The loud music, however covered my sounds of joy.
Then I put his penis in between my boobs and push my boobs from side and rub his penis in between the two oranges. Then, he pulled back like a true gentlemen and the cum went all over the stall. Some even on my dress.
I pulled down my short dress, adjusted my shirt. Gave him a little peck on the lips, and walk out of the men’s bathroom, it was time to go dancing again.

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My Ride home in… Panties

This new club was at a hotel in the city so when I walked outside to get a cab there were people everywhere including some of my friends having a smoke and such. So I waited a few moments finally a old crown vik cab pulls up. I quickly hope in and yell “Later” to my friends. I tell the driver my address, he smiles and were off. “Wow” I think, he’s kind of cute. We chat on the way, he tells me he is new to driving this cab.

We get to my house, I reach in my purse. “Oh Shit” I scream, in a panic. The cabby asks “What’s wrong” I tell him, “I grabbed my friends purse by mistake, and there no money to pay you.” Then I give me a devilish grin, maybe I can pay you some other way?” He smirks yes.
From the back I can see the large package in his tight trousers, enlarge. I just say “Yes.” He opens the door, and sits in the back seat with me. He presses up against me and once again I can feel his cock getting hard, this time against the small of my back. With peripheral vision I eye the peeps on the street next to us hoping they don’t notice. I worry that he is going hike up my dress and just start going to town. He keeps leaning down and kissing my neck, hands on my ass. Then he grabs my hand and puts it on his bulge and I start rubbing him through his pants.

He pulls his erect cock out, the tip is dripping pre-cum, so ready to go, and he grabs the back of my head and buries his cock in my mouth. His back is up against the seat and I’m swallowing as much as I can manage, I think, “It’s so salty, go great on the rim of a margarita glass.” I look up and have a thought to tell him this but he’s just rolling his eyes and moaning, in the grips of this total sexual bliss, so I forgo the joke and let him enjoy the moment. It doesn’t take long. I pull his balls free, bathe them with my tongue, then return to sucking his length. I can feel him growing and getting super hard and I know I’m a stroke and a suck away from getting a mouthful. I have presence of mind to also know I don’t want it on my dress or on his pants so I’ve got to swallow his load.

Nice thought but as he starts coming and coming and coming and I’m trying to drink it up there’s just no way. His hot cum quickly floods my mouth and start running out and down my chin and I can hear it spattering on the seat between my knees. Apart from unloading an enormous cumshot he’s moaning so loud I’m afraid he’s going to attract unwanted attention but to tell him to quiet down would have meant pulling his ejaculating penis free and making even more of a mess, so I just keep going till his breathing becomes erratic and his whole body is trembling uncontrollably in the wake of this mother of all orgasms. He start saying, “Fuck baby, fuck, that was so fucking good, that was so fucking good I fucking that” A huge sigh and he starts laughing, just utter relief and joy. It was infectious and I couldn’t help feel happy and laugh with him. I’d done good, I think “Shit this pays the bill.”

He helps me to my feet and I’m just covered in his cum. It’s all over my hands, arm, mouth, running down my chin and neck, down my chest and between my breasts. As I’m looking around, there’s absolutely nothing available to clean up, I wipe it on my panties and slip my dress back down. I hope out, he takes a moment and then I see the cab just speed away.

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Wet Pink Panties I wore home from a Porn Shoot

This porn shoot was conveniently located about five minutes away from my house. I can’t tell you where it is, but suffice to say that I never knew my sleepy San Francisco neighborhood was so delightfully rife with smut mongers. The first scene start almost immediately upon my arrival. Indeed, few words were exchanged, despite the occasional expletive or deity, even when some of the more high-stakes moves were involved, like fisting, and tit slapping.
Inside the studio he took a seat on the sofa and ushered me over to sit next to him. I turned a slight shade of red and shyly came over and took a seat on the corner of the sofa. He leaned forward and kissed me. I was so tired at first,  barely responded, nerves getting the better of me.
“Come on, Isabelle” he said emphatically.
“I’m just… I’m just a bit new to this” I laughed nervously, looking down at the sofa, studying the patterned pillows.
He slipped a hand underneath my dress and pressed against my  tight pink lacy panties that covered the crotch. I gasped and jumped backwards, shocked at how rapidly he had start the scene.
“Woah, woah!” I laughed.
“It’s that time of the month I’m afraid!” I blurted  out.
“Then maybe you’ll show me your cute little ass?” He asked cheekily.
She burst out laughing and gave him an expression of “Are you mad?” but I really ment “Yes.”
He looked at me lustily and asked me to turn over, pull up my dress and lie face down on the sofa. I looked at him astonished. Was he being serious? I knew exactly what to do. I was so caught in the moment that I turned and nervously lay down on the sofa, hitching up the back of my cute white dress, exposing my lacy pink panties.
His cock eased slowly into my tight asshole and he moaned as he felt the tight sphincter walls close in around his shaft. At this point, I was gasping, holding the side of the sofa and moaning into a pillow. He pushed until he was almost up to his balls inside my virgin ass and then slowly pulled back out again.  I turned and looked at him and he had a pure lust in his eyes.  He showed me his cock, which was rock hard, bouncing up and down in front of her face, glistening from the pre-cum which had oozed out as he had explored the inside of my wonderful ass. He spread my ass again and placed his cock at the entrance, pushing himself in this time faster, right up to his balls. I gasped again and my knuckles turned white as I grabbed one of the pillows. He began a rhythmic in and out motion, his balls slapping away on my ass-cheeks as I moaned in a mixture or pleasure and shock…. Thrusting her hips and arss up into the air….

After 47 minutes of fucking my asshole with a Magic Wand Cock, the stunt cock and I wound down the scene, though seemed a little disappointed that they ran out of time before getting to use the dildos they’d brought. “That’s quite a wet spot,” I said, noting the puddle that spanned about a foot and a half in diameter. On second thought “Oh, that’s nothing,” I  shrugged. I put on my panties and quietly walked home. I could feel the remnants of the guys cum slowly seep down my tired legs.
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How I became a porn star?

Today it an important day for me, you know why? Because today I will record my first movie as a porn star. Ohh yes for many years I wanted that and today my dream come true. And for the sequence to be perfect I’ve been wearing this little red shiny panties, that are my lucky panties. But let me tell you why I wanted to become a porn star.

Many years ago when I was teeneager, I was watching a porn movie on tv, and because I wasen’t home alone. My parents was sleeping in the other room, I was waching it on mute. So the protagosnist, a nice lady with big boobs and a little hairy pussy and a super hot guy with muscles and blue eyes had wild sex in that porn movie. My eyes become so big and my heart start beating so quickly, without knowing my pussy start to become wet and I become so horny. Was the first time in my life that I dident know what was happening.

The first time I saw his erection I was so surprised and was thinking.. can a cock can be so big? Without knowing I start touching my little pussy. Ohh yes I felt so good and my body was so relaxed. Slowly I was rubbing my middle finger on my clit and I felt such a big pleasure that I wanted more and more. I was imagining that I was a pornstar in a movie with a big cock deep inside me..

Ohh yes I was feeling so good and I was so happy because I was dreaming that one day I would have sex with that guy, feel his hands all over my body, licking my pink hard little nipples. He gave me my first orgasm. Since that day I start feeling like a women. Now I feel him deep inside me every night and every day. No matter where I’m going or what I’m doing I’m thinking about his cock. It is my little secret. One night after such good sex I decided I wanted to become a porn star. I wonder if he will want this?

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Pink and black wore panties

Today was such a busy day for me. I woke up so horny and was in the mood for sex, but my fuck buddy didn’t answer my phonecall. Because I was so horny and bored I started thinking maybe I should give pleasure myself… I’ve found my favorite red dildo in my closet and put it on. The vibration of my dildo made my pussy so sensitve and I become wet. I was wearing this pink and black panties and I made them so dirty with my pussy juice. I start touching my little lips with my middle finger and pushed them in deeper and deeper in my wet pussy. When I was almost ready to cum, I stopped and took a cold shower..

After my shower, my fuck buddy turned up. So I took his hard cock in my mouth and I start sucking him. I love to lick his soft balls. I become super horny, and I told him to star fucking my asshole. Ohh yes I felt like I was in heaven when he had his big cock deep inside my little bum. He pushed deeper and deeper in my ass hole and made me want more and more.
When I m fucking it’s never enough for me, and I never want to stop fucking.. I guess I am a dirty little nimpho..

When he was ready to cum, I let him to cum all over my face and on my lips. I just love to feel his spunk all over my face. I start to lick all the cum from my face using my fingers ;) As I told you, I love to suck, to lick and to fuck…

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Naughty green panties!

So i got my cum drenched panties today and holy moly i had no idea what i was in for.It was my first time ever doing something like this and the combination of how wet and mosit they were blew me away. Having them in my hand, smelling them just put me over the edge.

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Wet silver panties to sniff and cum on!

I love to wear and sell my panties. I get so turned on thinking about my dirty panties being used in your fantasies to satisfy for your panty fetish! I crave the attention and I genuinely lust at the thoughts of men fantasizing about me and my worn wet panties. It’s truly a huge turn on for me. The idea of you sniffing them and cumming in them when your wife or girlfriend has no idea is highly erotic and makes me want to do this even more.

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